A musical showcase of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. This video highlights the ever changing landscape of southern Utah.


Composed from driving through the Daniel Boone National forest and riding the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. I wanted to capture the green & caramel tones of Kentucky's scenery. This video demonstrates how a small state can offer many pleasantries.


I went on a camping trip to Kings Canyon National Park. My cousin and I hiked 1500 feet above the valley floor to capture the extraordinary granite cliffs. In this video I captured both the wild side of the park along with it's natural, enormous presence.


After taking a summer vacation to Washington, I wanted to make a video showing the majestic mountains of the North Cascades & natural beauty of a sub-alpine lake. In this video I playback a visual experience of witnessing untapped beauty firsthand.

Pin Grip by Pamela Perettie

I was assigned a 30 second commercial for my digital media course at school. I created a video showcasing the Tokyo Blonde Salon's new product called the Pin Grip - which features magnetic technology which can help & aid any professional hair designer.


Took a road trip across the Southwest to see the chiseled pillars of Monument Valley, towering cliff sides of Grand Canyon's South Rim & the concave passage of Upper Antelope Canyon― This is the landscape which defines the state of Arizona.

Desert Storm Rally 2015

I accompanied Brent Lee Motorsports to this rally to help film a video about it. This video was shot on my Panasonic Lumix GH4 with a Canon 25-105mm f/4 adapted to a Metabones speed booster. For stabilization I used a Glidecam & shoulder rig. Videos like these are necessary to share the experiences people have at rallies, because that will inevitably grow the sport.


My family and I took a winter vacation to the state of Washington. I wanted to make a video showing the radical beauty of the Pacific Northwestern region during winter season. The experiences I had there helped me decide where I want to live after graduating high school.

2014 Reel

This is a compilation of my best work that was filmed & edited in the year of two thousand fourteen. It was my first year of cinematography.


In the summer of 2014 my family and I flew to Anchorage, Alaska and rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Little did I know... was that this trip would one of the most memorable experiences of my lifebald eagles, physical injury, black bear confrontations, to flying over a mountain range, Alaska was real. This video highlights the most surreal moment of my life. Lake to sky.